June Recap & July Goals!

Hello, hello little space on the internet.

I have really missed writing here. Writing is one of my all time favorite creative outlets. There is a small part of me that deeply regrets not listening to my dad and my English teacher and pursuing a Journaling degree in college. I was hardheaded - I NEEDED to major in DANCE.

I won't deny that those were the best four years of my life. I was in shape and completely in tune with my mind, body, and soul. Now, this blog is where I can turn to unleash that creativity. So despite how busy and frazzled I am with this summer class, I do miss blogging, so so much.

Anyways! I think it's time to recap my month of June and plan out my month of July. Here goes nothing.

Friday Favorites - Apps That Will Literally Change Your Life

So let's jump right into it - here's the new deal with this bloggy boo of mine.

I guess I suck at blogging!

Quick update for anyone curious around these parts...

I fell of the blogging wagon & I fell off HARD.

Last week was my first week of summer class - I'm taking Anatomy & Physiology 2.

It appears as though I've forgotten how to school.

I had a mini panic attack almost every day last week wondering how I'm going to pass this class, since it's an accelerated course & we cover 14 weeks worth of material in 8 weeks.

So I might be a lil quiet around here for the next 7 weeks.

But I will still damn well try!


Friday Favorites - Everything's Changin'

I'm so unbelievably relieved that today is Friday!

This week was a tough week. The weather was beautiful but there was a heaviness in my heart this week.

That's because my manager (who is also my REALLY good friend) got transferred to a different location & we got new management.

I used to be pretty easily adaptable but I guess in my old age (lol) I've become someone who is resistant to change.

Hmm, I should probably research & write a blog post on how to become more flexible in the face of big changes....

Anyways, let's get positive, yah??

Friday Favorites, comin' right up.

May Recap & June Goals!

It is the first day of June. Howwwwwwww did this happen?

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